Intellective Edge / The Science of Skin / Skin Diseases / Pharmacology - June 3rd & 4th 2018 - ATLANTA, GA

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       This exceptional and highly scientific module presents vital information for understanding the functioning of the skin, the relationships 
that cells have in messaging, and how these activities impact and outwardly affect the surface of the skin. 
       Impactful videos and illustrations make this dynamic presentation a must for the modern esthetician desiring to attain a “science edge” in     
       their knowledge of the skin. This unit will also provide valuable insight into modern approaches in the assessment and management of the   

  • Old Thoughts and New – A Novel Approach in Assessing the Skin 
  • Expanding Paradigms and Standardized Evaluations
  • The Science of Cormeobiology & The Intricacies of Barrier Function 
  • The Evolution and Function of the Cell - Ionic Channels
  •  Cell Action  & Potential
  •  Skin Assessment and Evaluation – A Three Dimensional View

        As the health landscape changes through various age groups – increasingly, age related disorders and modern diseases presents the 
        likelihood of clients taking multiple medications. The skin care specialist should become familiar with of some of the most frequently 
        prescribed medications by physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons that our clients consume. This module identifies the potential 
        complexities, interactions and the response mechanisms of the skin during the consumption or use of medications, and the potential skin 
        and systemic reaction rationale:

  •  Biological Sciences – The Study of Pharmacology 
  •  Statistical Assessment – Client Landscape
  •  Physiological Aspects of Medications and Skin Interactions 
  •  Evaluation and Assessment – Procedural Tenets
  • The Most Commonly  Prescribed Medications

  •  Pharmacologic Products and UV Radiation, Foods and Chemicals
  •  Phamacological Preparations & Skin Care Products - Potential Side Affects & Reactions



       This highly informative and expansive overview presents the most common and problematic skin conditions estheticians  encounter in the 
        treatment room – the etiology, identification, management and contraindications for treatment will be 

  • Acne – Various Types Of Acne & Management 
  •  Rosacea & Inflammatory Skin Conditions 
  •  Pigmentation Abnormalities and Related Conditions    
  •  Health Mediated Skin Conditions 
  • Vascular Conditions and Inflammation
  •  Global Skin Conditions &  Pigmentation Anomalies
  •  Moles and Benign Hyperplasia’s
  •  Candidiasis, Tinea &  Fungal Conditions

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