ADVANCED SKIN ANALYSIS - Consultative skills, assessment & practicum - Greenville, SC - April 29th & 30th 2018

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This class presents the integration of consultative skill techniques with a critical thinking approach towards orchestrating client skin care programs-  based on conclusive skin assessment findings. This highly interactive class positions the esthetician in a real-time environment for advanced skin analysis and consultative skills utilizing diagnostic equipment,  digital imaging and other effective skin assessment tools and techniques.

Students are required to complete the interactive exercises, workbook and test for the certificate in consultative Skills, Assessment & Practicum. 

  • Interactive Workshop Session of Advanced Skin Analysis Using Diagnostic Tools 
  • Implementation of  Protocols and Exercises for Documentation 
  • Assessment & Intake - Practice Directives and Compliance
  • Consultative Skills, Verbiage, Methodology  Approach 
  • How to Conduct and Utilize Case Studies
  • Review of Skin Typing and Conditions
  • Designing Skin Assessment Programs 
  • Treatment Approach & Rationale
  • Your advanced payment holds your registration and seat for this class - No reservations can be held without prior payment in full. This class requires 10 or more people in attendance to be held -  Please see our main website page "policies" for important class and payment information.