Here's what our class attendees are saying !

  “Great class! Very informative.  I learned so much about how and why the skin acts and reacts the way it   

    does.  I have a completely new perspective on skin care.  I highly recommend this class to anyone in or  
    seeking a career in the esthetic field.  It has changed the way I think about the skin and how to better 
    analyze & treat it.”  

   “Very informative.  I absolutely loved this class.  It makes me excited  about esthetics & renews my energy    
     in learning!”  

    “It’s great to have education with no pushing of products or devices. Thank you!”  

    “Loved the class presenters!”  

    “These ladies are awesome!  Can’t wait to take more classes from both in the future  Thank you for    
      sharing our expertise with us!!”

    “I believe this class is fascinating and needs to be a required course.”

    “Love these presenters!  They are so knowledgeable and love sharing.”

    "Dr. Madigan-Fleck is fantastic!  She has an amazing ability to clearly convey complicated topics and 
     makes it easy for anyone to understand. Not only does she have excellent speaking and PowerPoint 

     presentations but ensures practical application in her classes as well!  You can't take a class from 

     Dr. Madigan-Fleck and walk out without learning a lot!  She is truly a woman you would be lucky to 

     learn from!"

    “I loved my experience with everyone here and I look forward to putting what I’ve learned to work!  What 
     an amazing, very knowledgeable educator.  It was a real honor to be  here!”

    “What a great lecture in Delray Beach this weekend.  Thank you for continuing to keep our professional   
     striving for the next level.

    "Dr. Erin Madigan - Fleck has been a true inspiration for me thru my entire esthetic career. I have been fortunate                

     enough to have taken her classes and she has always been there for any questions I may have even after    

     training.  She is an AMAZING teacher and mentor!

    ""I recently took a class with Dr. Madigan. Having been a student of hers when I was in esthetic school I knew I 

      was in for a treat. What I got was a wealth of knowledge that clearly came from a person that's dedicated their 

      life to researching every aspect of skincare. My passion in skin care has increased immensely. I cannot wait to 

      take more classes with her. "

     "Please make your classes longer!! I loved it!"

     "Very informative! I will look for your classes again!"

      "Great information! Love the instructors!"

      "These ladies are awesome- Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

      "Loved Dr. Madigan - Very Engaging! - great content thank you!"

       "Great topics and visual aids. This class went by too fast for it to be four hours - More!" 

        "Excellent! Alex Zani was on target- excellent subjects! "